April 19, 2021 at 03:05AM

Transcard, the global payments technology provider, will be rolling out a business entity in the U.K., a press release says.

This follows the company’s work in the U.S. as it tries to extend its business elsewhere.

Transcard plans to hire nine employees to lead its U.K. expansion, which will go under the name Transcard Limited and allow businesses, banks and FinTechs in the U.K. to access the company’s suite of cloud-based solutions for making and receiving payments seamlessly.

“These seasoned professionals are ideal to lead Transcard’s efforts in the United Kingdom,” said Transcard President Chris Fuller. “They share our vision of using hyper-connected multi-rail payments technology to transform the way that businesses, banks and FinTechs make and receive payments. I look forward to seeing what we can accomplish together in the United Kingdom.”

Regional head Charles Hardaker will lead the operation, the release says.

“I am excited to join Transcard as its regional head in the United Kingdom,” Hardaker commented. “Transcard has a fantastic team with a great vision to simplify payments. I am also very fortunate to be joined by some excellent colleagues to help supercharge our global growth.”

Fuller, speaking with PYMNTS earlier this year, said he thought 2021 would be the beginning of a new trend of digital connections between businesses as a way to eliminate friction and enhance payment methods.

That, he said, will help to alleviate the high administrative costs, process inefficiencies, long cycle times, data siloes and risk, with all of those things also having been made worse by the pandemic’s economic effects.

Fuller writes that the way things have been wasn’t a result of buyers and sellers not wanting better options, but instead a combination of systems, processes and standards that don’t encourage speedy or efficient processes, with unique logins and passwords, account requirements, file formats and more causing problems.

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