April 13, 2021 at 07:12PM

Who doesn’t love a deal? Nobody, that’s who.

Our love of offers, specials and discounts is so pervasive and inexhaustible that it now supports an assemblage of apps whose sole task it is to save us money, and time. That’s honest work.

Which brings us to this latest update of PYMNTS Provider Ranking of Coupon Apps.

We generally don’t see a lot of gyrations in this particular index and, with just a few very notable exceptions, it’s much the same with this new edition. And notable they are.

In the spirit of couponing, let’s save time and get right to it.

The Top 5

Getting to the very top is typically a group effort, which helps explain the rise of Groupon to No. 1 in the latest Provider Ranking of Coupon Apps update.

At No. 2 is another gainer, as Honey Smart Shopping Assistant climbs up one spot as well.

Those two chart-climbers pushed the Ibotta rewards app to No. 3, while Flipp sticks at No. 4, and the GoodRX app remains calm at No. 5, closing out this latest Top 5 grouping.

The Top 10

Moving along it’s a pretty fast trip. Evidently, coupon app users are super-loyal.

For example, there’s just no dislodging GasBuddy from its usual No. 6 position, with the rewarding Rakuten app occupying No. 7 just as last time. Incidentally, they’re looking for $2.2 billion on shares recently issued to a who’s who of merchants including Walmart and Tencent.

At No. 8 we find Coupons.com doing its savings thing, as is sassy Shopkick, still chill at No. 9.

Offer aggregator RetailMeNot takes No. 10 yet again, making it a wrap for this edition of PYMNTS Provider Ranking of Coupon Apps. Save some time for the next update.

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