April 07, 2021 at 07:46PM

In today’s top retail news, Dick’s Sporting Goods plans to open its first “Dick’s House of Sport” location, while footwear company Rockport said that Americans are walking more than ever since the pandemic. Plus, small stores are a big deal for Target’s future.

Dick’s to Open Concept Store With Indoor and Outdoor Multi-Sport Experiences

Dick’s Sporting Goods will soon start inviting shoppers to its latest concept store. In announcing the opening of its inaugural “Dick’s House of Sport” location this weekend, the retailer said the new space is focused on offering an experiential athletic experience beyond the traditional commercial experience.

Iconic Footwear Brand Rockport Uncovers Walking Boom Amid Pandemic

Shoe company Rockport, which said it kicked off the “walking revolution” in 1985 with its ProWalker Shoe, has found that Americans are walking more than in the past. A survey conducted by the company found that more than half of Americans – or 53 percent – are walking one to five miles more each day compared to prior years.

Behold the Tiny Target: Why Small Stores Are a Big Deal for the Retailer’s Future

All but one of the 30 new retail locations that Target opened in 2020 was a small-format or college campus store, which CEO Brian Cornell said was a record for the retailer’s downsizing initiative. The more compact versions of Target can be as small as 13,000 square feet in contrast to the average 130,000-square-foot full-size store.

Moody’s Says ‘Increased Sustainability Scrutiny’ Poses Risk to Apparel Brands and Retailers

Moody’s says heightened scrutiny by watchdogs and individuals of the sustainability and environmental practices inside the apparel sector present a reputational and financial risk to firms that don’t adapt. The credit rating agency said the global rise of eco-friendly trends makes for hurdles over the long haul, particularly for discount brands and fast-fashion merchants.

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