April 16, 2021 at 07:09PM

In today’s top news, self-driving truck startup TuSimple landed $1.35 billion in an initial public offering (IPO), while Signifyd raised $205 million via a Series E funding round. Plus, Delta Air Lines began generating $4 million daily in cash in the month of March.

Self-Driving Truck Startup TuSimple Raises $1.35 Billion In Nasdaq IPO

TuSimple, the California self-driving truck technology upstart, notched $1.35 billion in an IPO. The firm sold 33.8 million shares of Class A common stock for $40 per share under the TSP ticker symbol on the Nasdaq.

AI-Based eCommerce Fraud Solution Signifyd Closes $205 Million Round

Signifyd, the online commerce fraud protection platform, landed $205 million through a Series E funding round. The firm will harness the infusion to grow its “identity-centric” commerce protection service.

Delta Air Lines Reverses Cash Burn Amid Pandemic

Delta Air Lines said on Thursday (April 15) that cash burn averaged $11 million daily in the March quarter. However, the airline started generating $4 million daily in cash in the month of March.

Employees Begin Slow Return To A Changed Workplace

The workplace is reopening, albeit slowly. Uber, Microsoft and Facebook have all started slowly opening their physical workspaces again — in a very limited capacity and on a very voluntary basis.

Stash Banks On Biometrics, Machine Learning To Support Digital-First ID Verification

Customers have used digital tools for daily banking tasks for a long time at this point, but a number of them are now harnessing digital platforms to control more complicated financial needs like investments.

However, scammers are following consumers’ lead. As a result, financial players have to make sure they have strong digital authentication technologies implemented to keep them out. PYMNTS explores how Stash is deploying automated technologies within its onboarding and identity verification workflows.

BitPay CEO Sees Distinct Differences In Crypto Customers

The market is beginning to see the differences in crypto clients and treat them accordingly, as BitPay CEO Stephen Pair recently told PYMNTS. He noted that the casual crypto user might not understand that the present volatility is the basic economic function of supply and demand.

Robotics Open Door To ‘Bring It To Me’ Economy

Domino’s is launching its inaugural pizza-delivery bots in collaboration in Nuro, by using the latter firm’s “completely autonomous, occupantless on-road delivery vehicle,” according to a press release.

Today In Payments: TuSimple Notches $1.35 Billion In IPO; Signifyd Wraps Up $205 Million Round …

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