April 15, 2021 at 04:06PM

In today’s top news, N26 is partnering with Simplesurance to take on the insurance industry, and PayPal’s CEO said the platform’s crypto service could reach $200 million in volume in months. Plus, J.P. Morgan’s earnings report hinted at a return to normal spending levels.

German Neo Bank N26 Gets Ready To Take On Big Insurance

German digital bank N26 is getting into the insurance business by partnering with Berlin’s Simplesurance, a startup that facilitates mobile cross-selling in the insurance space. The first product through this partnership will be smartphone coverage.

PayPal’s Schulman Says Crypto Will Reach $200 Million Volume In Months

PayPal CEO Dan Schulman said he is optimistic about the company’s cryptocurrency service, predicting it could reach $200 million in volume within months. Schulman pointed to PayPal’s over 375 million digital wallet customers and 30 million merchants as to why the platform could reach that volume so quickly.

JPMorgan: Consumer Spend, Debit Usage Hint At Return To Pre-Pandemic Recovery

JPMorgan’s latest quarterly results show spending is moving to pre-pandemic levels — at least in debit, though it’ll be a while before we see re-leveraging. The great digital shift continues, of course, and mobile rosters grew by the high single-digit percentages.

Goldman CEO: Bullish On Marcus, Reserved On Crypto

Working in an unprecedented environment of SPAC hype, crypto-mania and retail trading explosions, Goldman Sachs posted record first-quarter profits and earnings Wednesday (April 14), keeping its old-school investment practices front and center, but leaving plenty of room for its digital properties.

NEW REPORT: Key Features Convert The Subscription Curious Into Long-Term Subscribers

One-third of consumers who signed up for subscription services within the past year were just in it for the free trial. In the 2021 Subscription Commerce Conversion Index, PYMNTS surveys 2,022 U.S. consumers and analyzes more than 200 subscription commerce providers to zero in on the key features that turn the “subscription curious” into sticky, long-term subscribers.

Blackhawk Network Wants Supermarkets To Take A Chance On Lottery

Consumers love to play lotto, just not at the supermarket. But as Blackhawk General Manager of Lottery and Sports Betting Richard Gotlieb explained to PYMNTS in a recent conversation, a new pilot program may take enough friction out of the process for grocery stores to get lucky.

Coinbase Listing Opens New Chapter For Crypto Exchanges

At the high point of its debut trading day, crypto exchange Coinbase sported a lofty market cap north of $100 billion, hinting at great (investor) expectations, prompting one analyst to call it “potentially a watershed event for the crypto industry.” PYMNTS breaks it down.

Today In Payments: N26 Gets Ready To Take On Insurance; PayPal CEO Says Crypto Will Reach $200 Million Volume In Months …

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