April 22, 2021 at 12:35AM

Today in B2B payments, Tassat discusses the recipe for better B2B payments, and Comdata enables early wage access. Plus, Bravada discusses B2B eCommerce strategy, Gilded lets employers pay workers in crypto and AccessPay collaborates on treasury management.

Unlocking The Recipe For Better B2B Payments


B2B Wholesale Considers The Alternative To The Mega-Marketplace

Online marketplace ecosystems such as Amazon have lowered barriers for buyers and sellers to digitize, and the B2B commerce space is rapidly embracing the opportunity. But Bravada CEO Danny Alex says wholesalers should consider proprietary online sales portals.

Comdata Debuts Fintwist OnDemand To Provide Earned Wage Access


Gilded Rolls Out Mass Pay To Let Firms Pay Employees Via Crypto

Gilded, which automates crypto payments and accounting, has rolled out a technology called Mass Pay that lets companies pay as many as 500 staffers at a single time in Ethereum-based digital currencies like stablecoins, according to a Tuesday (April 20) announcement. Gilded CEO Gil Hildebrand said in the announcement that the demand for salaries provided through digital currency is quickly growing in an environment that has a more and more tech-savvy labor force “that’s embracing the maturing crypto ecosystem.”

AccessPay, Yapily Team On Treasury Solution

AccessPay is working on a new treasury solution for corporates enabled by Yapily, which will help thousands of U.K. businesses achieve more transparency into their cash positions and transaction flows, according to a press release. AccessPay users can access connections and aggregations for their corporate banking with the click of a button, the release stated. That helps reduce the friction of using multiple systems and decreases the amount of time-to-value for corporates from months to minutes.

Today In B2B: The Recipe For Better B2B Payments; Comdata Debuts Early Wage Access …

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