April 16, 2021 at 05:49PM

Today in B2B payments, Sokin discusses the corporate experience in cross-border payments, and AvidXchange adds purchase order tool to support three-way matching. Plus, Banjo Loans talks small business lending, Spence Labs helps banks service cannabis firms, and Botkeeper lowers costs for small accounting firms.

Heeding The Corporates’ Call For A Better X-Border Experience

Short-Term SMB Funding, Done Digitally And Down Under

In Australia, small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) have found it relatively harder than their larger peers to get the funding they need to maintain healthy working capital. Guy Callaghan, CEO of Banjo Loans, tells PYMNTS how a new partnership with InfraRisk, based on advanced technology and open data sharing, helped launch a digital, fast-funding solution to meet these smaller firms’ capital needs.

AvidXchange Rolls Out PO Features For Accounting Systems

Spence Labs Collab Helps Banks Serve Legal Cannabis Market

To provide a digital payment offering to financial institutions (FIs) working with cannabis-related businesses (CRBs), digital payment company Spence Labs has collaborated with cannabis banking technology company Shield Compliance, according to a Thursday (April 15) announcement. “We believe compliance-first processes are the only way to bring transparency, trust and reliability to cannabis banking and payments,” Spence Labs Co-Founder and CEO Chris Rentner said in the announcement.

Botkeeper Works To Cut Costs For Smaller Accounting Firms

Machine learning (ML)-powered bookkeeping solution Botkeeper has rolled out a new pricing model that will break down cost barriers, increase scale and give more access for firms of all sizes, a press release said on Thursday (April 15). Botkeeper has reworked its packaging into a scaling model that will make a more consumable approach. It will help bring better value and flexibility to accounting firms, the release said.

Today In B2B: Sokin Eyes Enterprise X-Border Needs; AvidXchange Adds PO Three-Way Matching …

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