April 13, 2021 at 11:00PM

Today in B2B payments, TradeFlow discusses responsible trade finance, and Tipalti makes a procurement acquisition. Plus, Tranglo talks cross border corporate payments, MYOB plans an invoice finance offering, and DocuPhase announces a takeover.

Trade Finance Searches For A New Way Forward

Connecting Corporates To A Correspondent Banking Alternative

When it comes to cross-border payments, corporates don’t necessarily need to know how the money moves from point A to point B, but they do need transparency, speed and security. Tranglo CEO Jacky Lee explores the alternatives to the correspondent banking system that can meet those demands.

Tipalti Buys Procurement Tech Firm Approve.com

MYOB Invoice Financing Plans Undeterred By Greensill Collapse

As MYOB gets ready to grow into invoice financing for small firms, CEO Greg Ellis contends that the technology firm is not discouraged from Greensill Capital’s downfall, The Sydney Morning Herald reported Sunday (April 11). “Invoice financing to us is just one execution of managing cash,” Ellis said, as per the newspaper. He noted that invoicing financing is “something that MYOB definitely will be in, and we’ll be in before the end of the calendar year.”

DocuPhase Buys Clearwater For B2B Payment Processing Boost

DocuPhase has completed its acquisition of Dallas-based cloud-based electronic payment solution Clearwater Payments, according to a press release on Monday (April 12). Clearwater Payments reportedly processes millions of B2C and B2B payments for enterprise clients in banking, insurance and utilities. Since LoneTree Capital’s acquisition in June 2020, DocuPhase has now invested over three million dollars in technology and talent, intending to strengthen their product offering. The goal is to rapidly automate business practices.

Today In B2B: Responsible Trade Finance Post-Greensill; Tipalti’s Procurement Takeover …

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