April 19, 2021 at 04:00PM

The Home Depot is growing its distribution hub footprint in Florida, with new facilities in Fort Myers, West Palm Beach and Miami. In investments, eCommerce fraud protection platform Signifyd raised a Series E funding round, while in management, Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos penned his last shareholders’ letter. And in banking, consumer spending along with low credit card delinquencies bolstered big bank earnings. All this, Today in Data.


1997: The year of Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos’ first shareholders’ letter.

$205M: Amount Signifyd raised in a Series E round.

332K: Square footage of The Home Depot’s new Miami distribution hub.

$108.5B: Wells Fargo’s debit card POS purchase volume in Q1.

$1.6B: Pre-tax reduction in allowance for credit losses logged by Wells Fargo.

The Rise Of Logistics, eCommerce Tech And Consumer Spending …

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