April 12, 2021 at 01:01PM

Global cryptocurrency and FinTech company Ternio has appointed Natalia Radyushkin as chief financial officer (CFO), according to a press release emailed to PYMNTS.

Radyushkin has worked with Bitcoin.com CEO Roger Ver, who is also a venture capital investor, since 2016, the release stated, and she served as has CFO of the company. Bitcoin.com provides bitcoin and bitcoin cash while offering services like an app, a digital currency wallet, cryptocurrency exchange, widgets and charts, among other things.

“Historically, it has been difficult for companies conducting business and cryptocurrencies to set up traditional banking,” Radyushkin said in an interview with PYMNTS, noting that this particular pain point is why Ternio came to be in the first place.

“Blockchain is going to affect every business as money, as an asset, as smart contracts, as supply chain solutions,” she told PYMNTS. “The CFOs of companies that have not been exposed to digital currencies now need to be prepared for how easy and simple it is to use [them], and how much it simplifies the accounting process as well as the entire payments process.”

Radyushkin is beginning her new position Monday (April 12).

“Natalia brings with her more than 20 years of experience at complex, high-growth organizations,” said Ternio Co-Founder and Chief Operating Officer Ian Kane in the release. “Not only does she have a strong background in traditional finance, but her profound understanding, functional expertise, and technical knowledge of cryptocurrency and blockchain are exactly what our organization needs to continue on our upward trajectory. I believe Natalia will be a great addition to our team and an invaluable resource to help our company further develop, design, and implement functions that enable us to further expand our footprint in the global market.”

In separate news, Ternio General Manager Keith Johnson told PYMNTS that bitcoin hasn’t lived up to what the potential of cryptocurrency could be as it is too expensive and can be slow. Bitcoin’s volatility is a downside for those who want to hold their own currency.

Last year, Ternio partnered with Visa to boost crypto acceptance.

Ternio Adds Natalia Radyushkin Previously Of Bitcoin.com As CFO …

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