April 26, 2021 at 04:00PM

Skechers benefited from the pandemic-era walking trend with record quarterly results. In retail, Walmart and Amazon are each providing new services and developing new technology designed to attract and retain customers. And in financial innovation, open banking’s reach has grown significantly since U.K. financial regulators first required the country’s largest banks to start letting FinTechs and emerging players access previously siloed data. All this, Today in Data.


63%: Share of U.K. consumers who would be open to trying new online payment options if they provided greater security.

$20: Approximate price of Walmart’s new in-home rapid COVID test.

18%: Increase in Skechers’ direct-to-consumer sales in the first quarter.

3M: Minimum number of U.K. consumers who now utilize financial apps supported by open banking.

$1.4B: Skechers’ first-quarter sales for the three months ending March 3.

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