May 04, 2021 at 06:08PM

The guest experience platform Paytronix Systems Inc. announced a new integration with Google on Monday (May 4), designed to allow consumers to order food directly through Google Search and Maps.

According to a company news release, participating restaurants will receive online pickup or delivery orders from Google. Guests can search for these restaurants and click the “order online” button on the establishment’s business profile on Search or Maps. From there, the restaurant menu will appear, and guests can order and check out directly from Google.

The announcement comes at a time when more and more people are ordering takeout and delivery. Figures from the National Restaurant Association show that 68 percent of consumers are more likely to get takeout from a restaurant than before the pandemic, and 53 percent of consumers say that takeout and delivery are “essential” to their lives.

“As online ordering adoption continues to grow, Paytronix is making it easier for restaurants and their guests to order across Google surfaces,” said Andrew Robbins, CEO of Paytronix Systems, Inc. “Online ordering continues to grow, even as people are returning to in-person dining. Consumers have discovered how convenient it is to order food digitally, and now they are looking for ways to make that experience faster and easier.”

A Paytronix/PYMNTS survey found that takeout orders accounted for 63 percent of restaurant orders in 2020, with digital channels making up 89 percent of that spend. That makes digital ordering a $434 billion market. And that market may not be going away, even as more and more people receive the COVID-19 vaccinations that will make in-person dining an option again.

PYMNTS’ research has found that 92 percent of vaccinated consumers say they still plan to order food online. Another 32 percent said they would pay more for their orders if they could pay online. And 40 percent of vaccinated customers said they would spend more if it meant earning rewards or loyalty from their orders.

For more on how the pandemic has changed restaurants and payments in general, read PYMNTS’ Deep Dive from last month.

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