April 07, 2021 at 07:26PM

Ice cream and convenience store chain United Dairy Farmers (UDF) has relaunched its loyalty program, U-Drive, after rebuilding and modernizing it on the Paytronix reward platform, according to a Wednesday (April 7) press release.

Paytronix helped create an open design for the platform so that UDF can personalize promotions based on customer preferences — is an ice cream or a gasoline discount more attractive? — and test and roll out marketing campaigns.

“We needed to modernize UDF’s digital platform to better manage the whole customer experience,” said Denise Jenkins, vice president of marketing, insights and loyalty at United Dairy Farmers. “Tapping into Paytronix provided a real jump-start to knowing our customers better and being more relevant to our guests.”

Based in Cincinnati, the family-owned dairy runs over 200 convenience stores and fuel locations across the Midwest. With U-Drive, UDF offers loyalty members perks like coupons, earned savings, Wednesday freebies from their stores and the ability to lock in the lowest gas price of the day.

The platform is available for sign-up now. Customers can download the new mobile app or receive a card from one of the UDF stores, according to the release. After the loyalty program’s initial launch earlier this year, UDF saw a marked difference in how much customers spend, and how often they return.

“The value of building that digital relationship with customers is now paying off, as customers visit UDF more often, spend more, and build stronger affiliation for the United Dairy Farmers brand,” Paytronix CEO Andrew Robbins said in the press release.

Customer loyalty is critical to brand survival, and in today’s environment, even with the economy reopening, businesses must offer flexibility and digital experiences to capture those loyal relationships — and maintain them in another new normal.

“We need this to be disruptive — people otherwise have blinders on, and will walk right by giant displays, but digital devices and engagement are proving to be a game changer,” said Jenkins. “We can change customer behavior through loyalty, and improve the guest experience.”

Paytronix Helps United Dairy Farmers Relaunch Loyalty Program …

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