April 30, 2021 at 04:27PM

You know who hates surprises? Lots of people, actually. Let’s try this another way: who hates surprises when it comes to payroll? That would be literally, absolutely everyone on earth.

Let it please you then that this latest update of the PYMNTS Provider Ranking of Payroll Apps is heavy on permanence and nearly devoid of change. Just as payday should be.

Unless there’s a spontaneous raise involved. We don’t have a ranking for that (not really an app for it). Rather than dwell, let’s earn the knowledge bonus of reading a new provider ranking.

The Top 5

Still at No. 1 is Paychex Flex, with Paycor at No. 2 and now seeking $100 million in an initial public offering. At No. 3 it’s the Alliance MyPay app, holding its position.

Unchanged at No. 4 is Square Payroll and its new ability to take ACH payments.

Also holding its ground at No. 5 for another cycle is RUN Powered By ADP.

That’s what we call top five “the fast way.”

The Top 10

“You’re beautiful. Don’t change a thing.” It’s what a smarmy movie producer might say, except that when applied to PYMNTS Provider Ranking of Payroll Apps, it takes on another meaning.

To that end and not changing chart positions is the Zenefits HR management app, firm at No. 6.

Now, for a couple of switcheroos.

QuickBooks Payroll gains a spot to become the new No. 8. That pushes the SMB-focused TriNet app down one chart position to No. 8 this time around.

Then, a return to our regularly scheduled program as Rippling payroll and HR app holds out at No. 9 another month, as does Payrollguru, remaining meditative at No. 10.

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