May 13, 2021 at 04:00PM

Celebrity-backed The Honest Company made its trading debut on the Nasdaq last week, but shares in the company have declined for a number of days. In retail trends, the post-pandemic wedding industry is making up for lost time. And in physical retail, a number of consumers want to take the digital connectivity, convenience and expediency of eCommerce into the brick-and-mortar experience. All this, Today in Data.


300: Minimum number of David’s Bridal locations.

63%: Share of The Honest Company’s total sales that goes to diapers and wipes.

46%: Share of U.S. consumers who shop and pay online so they don’t have to stand in lines.

$16: Per-share price of The Honest Company’s initial public offering.

$1.4B: Approximate market cap of The Honest Company as of May 12.

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