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After finalizing their merger in December 2020, daVinci Payments and North Lane Technologies have rebranded as Onbe, a unified payments firm that seeks to create engaging payment experiences for consumers and businesses. The new brand has an expected annual payment volume of $7.9 trillion, according to a press release, and is bolstered by a recent major equity investment from Centerbridge Partners. The new company brings with it over 25 years of experience and both brands’ technology and leadership.

“By combining both daVinci and North Lane’s unmatched teams of payments experts, Onbe is positioned to elevate its industry leadership and capture the massive global opportunity in digital payments,” said Juli Spottiswood, Onbe’s chairman and interim CEO, in the press release.

Onbe — a mash-up of the words “on behalf”— seeks to meet the growing demand for digital payments by creating engaging solutions for “consumers, workforces and marketplace payouts,” according to the release. Onbe offers flexible, real-time payments in a variety of options in 200 countries and nine currencies, including provisions for digital wallet payments made in-app, in-store and online. Onbe payments experts will work with brands to build strategic solutions with custom branding, aiming to drive growth and consumer satisfaction.

“The future of payments is digital, global and seamless, and we look forward to realizing the opportunities that the expanding market provides,” David Josephs, CEO of daVinci, said in a previous press release announcing the merger. At the time, daVinci and North Lane combined under the umbrella of Syncapay, Inc., a holding company for payment technology firms.

North Lane, daVinci Payments Rebrand As Onbe …

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