April 22, 2021 at 06:08PM

We understand that PYMNTS Provider Ranking of Alternative Credit Apps is a closely-watched gauge of the sector, and we take it awfully seriously. Perhaps too seriously. It creates … issues.

For example, the competition between point-of-sale lenders is so hot right now that we’ve got a tie at the very top. It’s one you-know-who and the other, but they are far from the whole story. This month it’s a hodgepodge of switching scores and shifting ranks.

Hold onto the handrails.

The Top 5

The Provider Ranking of Alternative Credit Apps has watched a titanic battle of brands playing out for months in the Top 5, and it comes to a head this month as the Afterpay and Klarna apps tie for No. 1. Both are like runaway trains of success in the space, now neck-and-neck.

At No. 2 is QuadPay just like last month, as is the Affirm app still at No. 3.

Congratulations to the FuturePay app which rises one chart position to enter the Top 5 at No. 4.

On the count, a hearty “well done” to the Zip Pay app, elevating one spot to become our new No. 5 (first time for Zip Pay), and closing out the Top 5 for this ranking.

The Top 10

It’s sizzle undiminished, Sezzle app drops two spots to No. 6 this month. Then there’s Paidy, up one chart position to grab the No. 7 spot for itself, as any ambitious app would. That pushes the popular Laybuy app to No. 8 in this latest Provider Ranking of Alternative Credit Apps.

Interest-free buy now, pay later app Humm is tunefully happy at No. 9 gaining one spot from last month, and making room for new Top 10 entrant, LazyPay arriving at No. 10.

It’s a lot to take in. Maybe try reading this particular ranking in installments.

New Alt-Credit App Provider Ranking Finds BNPL Brands Neck-And-Neck …

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