May 10, 2021 at 02:00PM

Everyone’s talking about it. Like, everyone. Can mobile order-ahead (MOA) apps — trusty food sources that put the frying “pan” in “pandemic” so we could eat safely at home for over a year — maintain their runaway momentum after the crisis is really over? Opinions vary.

We who toil over PYMNTS’ Provider Ranking of Mobile Order-Ahead Apps say it’s a silly question. People will certainly continue to use MOA liberally, because food just tastes better when someone else cooks it and another person brings it to you, wherever and whenever.

That’s progress. That’s civilization.

That’s also what we call the Provider Ranking of Mobile Order-Ahead Apps. Here we go.

The Top Five

Like trendy men were up until around the year 2000, this latest ranking is partial to ties.

Rising to take No. 1 all to itself is the Dunkin’ app, pushing Domino’s down one spot to No. 2.

Firm at No. 3 again is Starbucks, while Taco Bell tumbles three spots to land at No. 4 this month.

There’s a tie at No. 5 as the Chick-fil-A app shares the limelight there with Panera Bread.

That does it for the Top 5, but we’re far from finished.

The Top 10

The lower reaches of the Top 10 has a three-way tie at No. 6 again, as last month, but the players have changed somewhat.

Cohabitating at No. 6 as of now is Chipotle (no movement there), Pizza Hut (down one spot) and Wingstop, which rises two spots to be part of that photo finish.

At No. 7 we have Burger King, dropping two chart positions from last month. With mighty McDonald’s clocking in at No. 8, the burger titans are pacing each other. That’s exciting.

Moving on to No. 9, we find the Papa John’s Pizza app, dropping two spots but staying in the top 10. Capping things off at No. 10 is the Sonic Drive-In app, down one but still in the picture.

We’re famished. Someone pull up the Provider Ranking of Mobile Order-Ahead Apps.

Mobile Order-Ahead Apps Dine On The Competition In Latest Provider Ranking …

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