April 22, 2021 at 05:31PM

PayTabs is partnering with Visa to bring “Tap to Phone” service to mobile users in the Middle East. “Millions of merchants will now be able to rely purely on contactless software-based solutions to accept payments,” a press release said.

Visa’s Tap to Phone app allows eCommerce sellers to accept contactless payments without the need for additional devices or peripherals — other than a cellphone.

“The Tap to Phone solution, which is available round the clock, is vital for merchants and customers, in the age of the pandemic,” said Abdulaziz Al Jouf, PayTabs CEO and founder. PayTabs, a payments provider, is based in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

“Visa’s recent Small Business Recovery study revealed that 82 percent of UAE merchants see digital payments as a necessary investment for business recovery,” said Madhur Mehra, Visa Middle East head of merchant sales. “The same study also showed that more than half surveyed showed interest in low-cost acceptance solutions, highlighting the appetite and support for digital transformation.”

She added that “’Tap to Phone’ will enable merchants across the region to accept contactless payments in an easy, and cost-effective way. … Soon, smartphones will be an even more common channel not just to pay but also to accept payments.”

Tap to Phone aims to make traditional point of service (POS) devices and terminals obsolete,” the release said. The partnership dubbed its new product PayTabs Touch.

“The smartphone penetration which is forecasted to reach approximately 91% by 2025 will also be a significant enabler of digital payments and Tap to Phone,” per the release.

Last fall (Oct. 21), Visa announced that it was expanding its contactless Tap To Phone  payment systems to more than 15 markets worldwide.

The company said the expansion follows a 12-month global pilot program. The announcement came as the global pandemic upended economies and there was a surge in demand for touchless payment options from both consumers and sellers.

Middle East-Based PayTabs Links With Visa For ‘Tap To Phone’ Service …

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