April 08, 2021 at 01:40AM

Lumanu has rolled out its business platform, which will let creators manage, scale and protect their businesses, a press release said on Wednesday (April 7).

Lumanu’s program is in invite-only beta mode and will allow users to make their own personalized databases.

Per the release, Lumanu Co-Founder and CEO Tony Tran said that the point of the company was “to empower anyone with a passion the ability to turn it into a business. We know this can be a daunting task for many creators who just want to focus on creating.”

“Bottom line, creators need support,” Tran said. “Lumanu simplifies the day-to-day business operations so that users feel comfortable and protected as they explore new collaborations and manage their existing relationships. For brands and partners, this means simplified business transactions, with access to the Lumanu network of high-quality creators.”

The platform will also allow more collaborations with other creators, managers, brands and clients. Users will be able to add notes, media, contacts and other files, and they will be able to grant or revoke IP address rights with a click. That will let creators organize their work and share it with others.

Lumanu Payments, meanwhile, will help with invoicing for brand collaboration, making it easy for creators to get paid on time.

And with Lumanu’s EarlyPay feature, the creators will be able to bypass the previously long wait times for invoices. By paying a small fee to EarlyPay, they can get a cash advance, assuring they’re paid.

Consumers have been turning more often to gig platforms as they need to find new work or to order food during the pandemic. That has catapulted in value in the past year, with the gig economy seeing a 33 percent boost last year.

That includes a particularly large contingent in the millennial and Gen Z generations.

At least half of Gen Z workers did freelance work in the past year and 36 percent did so for the first time since the start of the pandemic.

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