April 14, 2021 at 05:42PM

Not been yourself lately? A bit dissipated? Sciatica acting up? We feel you.

You should see a doctor. Literally. As in, see a doctor on-screen, from your comfy chair.

PYMNTS’ Provider Ranking of Telemedicine Apps indexes the burgeoning world of telemedicine, given a shot of adrenaline, as it were, by the pandemic, and now in smartphones worldwide.

We’ve got changes to report and apps to rank, so put on your surgical gown and come with us as telemedicine apps tell us their troubles and triumphs in this latest update.

The Top 5

New at No. 1 is the MyTeleMed app, rising two spots to become the new medical director around here (this month at least).

That pushes chart-toppers Teladoc to No. 2, and Doctor On Demand to No. 3, respectively.

As PYMNTS reported in March, healthcare navigation firm Grand Rounds is merging with Doctor On Demand to create what it calls “the first virtual healthcare company in the U.S.”

Stoic at No. 4 is the K Health | Primary Care app, right where it was last time.

At No. 5 is again the BetterHelp: Online Counseling & Therapy app, completing this Top 5.

The Top 10

Here’s something exciting. Elevating three chart positions to take No. 6 is Canada’s Maple — 24/7 Online Doctors app, making the largest gain of any app in this latest ranking.

Vsee Clinic For Patient holds onto its No. 7 rank another month, but not so for the popular MDLIVE app, dropping two spots to No. 8 but staying firmly in the Top 10 yet again.

The InTouch Patient app for Android devices drops one spot to grab No. 9 this time out.

Finally, it’s lively LiveHealth Online Mobile sticking at No. 10 for another month.

We’ve got video appoints stacked up all day because we like the attention, so that’s a wrap for this edition of PYMNTS Provider Ranking of Telemedicine Apps.

Latest Telemedicine App Provider Rankings A Mixed Bag, Medically Speaking …

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