April 20, 2021 at 06:42PM

Some rankings pack in the thrills and spills so much that they might as well be amusement park rides. Others are more resolute, like the latest PYMNTS Provider Ranking of Credit Card Apps.

We’ll make short work of this new ranking because frankly, not much happened since we last checked in on this group of chargeable apps.

Note that we didn’t say “no changes.” That was not said. We’ll say no more. Just read.

The Top 5

From the very top, it’s the usual players in chart positions that are starting to seem more like semi-permanent dwelling places for a handful of high-ranking credit card apps.

It’s Capital One at No. 1 again, being chased by Chase Mobile at No. 2, which itself is being hounded by the Bank of America Mobile Banking app at No. 3.

At No. 4 for some time now, Wells Fargo Mobile just reported a 20 percent rise in consumer debit card spend in its latest financials — and boding rather well for the rest of this sector.

Closing out the Top 5 once again is the Discover Mobile app, holding steady at No. 5.

The Top 10

Credit One Bank Mobile likes it at No. 6 so it’s stayed another month.

Ditto for amazing American Express still holding down the fort at No. 7.

At last, a change in the wind. It’s the MySynchrony private-label credit card app at No. 8.

Another switch is the CFC Mobile Access app entering the PYMNTS Provider Ranking of Credit Card Apps at No. 9, and brand new to the rankings.

Finishing this ranking, as last time, is the PREMIER Credit Card app, firm at No. 10.

Latest Credit Card App Provider Rankings A Study In Nuance …

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