April 14, 2021 at 12:56AM

Business automation software provider Kofax launched the newest iteration of its artificial intelligence (AI)-fueled Kofax AP Agility software, which has features to “digitally transform” accounts payable (AP) workflows, according to a Tuesday (April 13) announcement.

The release of Kofax AP Agility comes with functionalities like pre-constructed enterprise resource planning (ERP) software connectors. A new connection with SAP S/4HANA Cloud ES decreases “time-to-value” and shows the automation firm’s “commitment to providing broad and deep coverage to commonly used best-of-breed systems,” according to the announcement.

Kofax AP Agility now links with ERP software from Infor, Microsoft, Oracle and SAP.

Other features in the release include AP document intelligence. To that end, clients now having the ability to collect, digitize and take away important data from documents in all formats through all channels in more than 30 languages with AI.

The release also comes with “cloud choice” in addition to exception and approval processes. Users can also build out tailored processes based on organizational requirements and policy.

“AP Agility extends far beyond a transactional accounts payable automation solution; it provides data that supports business leaders in their efforts to enhance business continuity, improve cash management and increase profitability,” Kofax Chief Marketing Officer Kathleen Delaney said in the announcement.

The news comes as Kofax announced in February that it has integrated with Coupa Software.

Coupa Senior Vice President of Business Development and Alliances Roger Goulart said in a release at the time that finance and accounting teams face a rising load of dealing with a number of invoices. For that reason, he said it is key for them to quickly understand and extract meaningful information from that documentation.

“We’re proud to integrate with Kofax to help our customers realize end-to-end automation and seamlessly unlock data needed to drive their spend management processes in Coupa,” Goulart said in the release.

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