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Professional tax product maker Intuit has forged a partnership with Practice Ignition to help tax professionals improve productivity, the two companies announced Monday (April 5).

Practice Ignition (PI) is an automated proposal and payment management software designed to eliminate administrative work. It will work with Intuit ProConnect to provide “a better end-to-end workflow for tax professionals,” the companies said in a news release.

Intuit Vice President of Product Management and Design Jorge Olavarrieta said the integration “allows tax pros to automate compliance work, leaving them more time to focus on each individual client’s long term goals. We look forward to continuing this partnership to help increase productivity for tax professionals to help them focus on what matters most.”

The combined forces of Intuit and PI will allow tax professionals to streamline client onboarding, offering premade or customizable proposal templates and collect payments upfront.

“Using Practice Ignition and ProConnect Tax Online allows us to have a strong workflow when it comes to managing our tax season,” said customer Josh Lance, managing partner at Lance CPA Group, per the news release. “We’re able to engage with our clients in PI and work on their tax returns in ProConnect. The ability to do this all in the cloud allows our remote workforce to provide a better customer experience to our clients.”

The new partnership comes at the height of tax season, a stressful time for many people, including small business owners.

A move to completely digital payments can help ease some of that stress, Waseem Daher, founder and CEO of the corporate tax and bookkeeping firm Pilot, said in a PYMNTS interview last year. His company does only digital disbursements, something he said will be crucial for small businesses as the tax code changes in the future.

Intuit, Practice Ignition Partner To Improve Tax Pro Productivity …

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