April 15, 2021 at 11:19PM

The eCommerce agency Hinge Global has joined the NielsenIQ Connect Partner Network, the two companies announced Thursday (April 15), saying the partnership “provides eCommerce expertise and omnichannel insights” to consumer package goods (CPG) manufacturers.

NielsenIQ provides measurement and data analytics services to consumers and markets around the world, while Hinge Global deals in full-service eCommerce solutions designed to help improve online sales and manage digital commerce operations.

According to its news release, Hinge has cultivated deep expertise in Amazon, Walmart.com, Target, and other global marketplaces,” with “a proven track record managing over 150 brands and $600 million in total gross online sales.”

We are thrilled about the strategic partnership” between NielsenIQ and Hinge Global,” Hinge CEO Fred Killingsworth said in the release. “Our services are highly complementary,” he said, as Hinge has expertise in eCommerce while Nielsen brings traditional retail and omnichannel insights to the partnership. Together we are helping large and small CPG companies optimize their multichannel retail strategies.”

This has been a big year for the CPG world, with huge swaths of consumers buying things online that they would purchased in-store before the COVID pandemic. PYMNTS research shows that even when given the chance to return to in-person shopping, many consumers say they’ll stick to their digital habits.

PYMNTS data shows that 45 percent of consumers have shipped to digital shopping, along with 21 percent who are buying groceries online and the same amount who buy restaurant foods from digital channels.

Consumers will not be likely to go back to their old ways, the data shows. Of the 54.7 percent of the people surveyed who say they are at least likely to get the COVID vaccine and who increased shopping using mobile devices, only 21 percent plan to go back to shopping the way they did before.

A recent report by PYMNTS on restaurant innovation shows how some brands are pursuing the direct-to-consumer (D2C) route.

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