April 13, 2021 at 03:58PM

Grove Collaborative is growing into physical retail through an arrangement to sell its merchandise in Target‘s brick-and-mortar locations across the country beginning in April, Bloomberg reported.

“We’re at a really interesting place in the industry, where the mainstream consumer and the sustainability-conscious consumer are merging. Efficacy allows that to happen. And things like our partnership with Target are key steps along the way,” Grove Collaborative CEO and Co-founder Stuart Landesberg said, per the report.

The pandemic has led U.S. consumers to be more interested in hygiene, and that has assisted Grove Collaborative in strengthening its sales last year to over $250 million, Bloomberg reported.

News of Grove Collaborative’s arrangement with Target comes as Care/of planned to debut a new vitamin line at brick-and-mortar Target stores and on Target’s website on March 28. The new collection includes a multivitamin for men, a multivitamin for women and a prenatal vitamin, as well as five “benefit-led” blends that encompass “Sleep, Immunity, Relaxation, Energy, and Focus.” Those lines were based on insights received from six million people who took Care/of’s quiz over the past four years.

“We’re thrilled to collaborate with Target in bringing Care/of’s honest guidance to the vitamin aisle,” Care/of CEO and Co-Founder Craig Elbert said in a previous announcement. “In the past, navigating the vitamin aisle could often be confusing or intimidating. With the Care/of launch in Target, we’ve made it easier to find the vitamins that actually work for you.”

Separately, Target is launching a supermarket brand focused on snacking and indulging at a time when people are looking for small ways to escape from a stressful environment. The newFavorite Day private-label brand will include more than 700 products, like bakery items and beverage mixers, among others.

Good & Gather, the merchant’s signature label, has more than 2,000 products. Target also has a Market Pantry in-house brand composed of merchandise like flour and coffee filters.

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