May 05, 2021 at 05:16PM

With the continuing prevalence of remote work, many employers are now looking to create employee-centered positive experiences, regardless of where people work and live. Facebook now has more than seven million paid subscribers on its remote work portal Workplace, an increase of more than 40 percent in the past year.

“… employers are realizing the need to create positive employee experiences. Business leaders are acknowledging that truly connecting with people in remote or hybrid working environments is business-critical,” according to a Facebook blog post. “We believe this growth is an indicator that more companies are thinking about how to build communities at work. More conversations around how to create great employee experiences and ultimately — how to connect the unconnected.”

Companies using Workplace include Virgin Atlantic, Walmart, Telefónica, BT,, Deliveroo, AstraZeneca, Starbucks, Save the Children and more. The growth of Facebook’s Workplace is one indicator that more companies are thinking about how to build communities at work and create employee experiences that connect the unconnected.

“In a world of work that will never be the same, we’re also laying the foundation for the next generation of employee experience. We continue to keep building and announcing new features that help business leaders address the evolving needs of employees — everywhere,” per the release.

Facebook Marketplace posted an increase in revenue for the first quarter of 2021 at $26.17 billion, up 48 percent year on year. Net income surged 94 percent to $9.5 billion, from $4.9 billion this time last year.  

A recent PYMNTS survey showed that 83 percent of those consumers working from home due to the pandemic intend to continue doing so, regardless of whether or not their office reopens. As of November 2020, about 33 percent of employed consumers had shifted to home-based work, and 76 percent of those planned to keep working from home.

Facebook’s Workplace Subscribers Up Over 40 Pct …

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