May 20, 2021 at 04:00PM

Target posted quarterly earnings that came out ahead of expectations, as it rode the strength of stimulus checks, private-label clothing and digital strategy honed during the pandemic. In other earnings, Lowe’s Companies reported that comparable sales for its U.S. home improvement business soared as part of its quarterly results. And in pandenomics, the trend of consumers doing more online and less in-store is here to stay. All this, Today in Data.


95%: Minimum share of Target’s Q1 sales that were fulfilled by its stores.

74%: Share of digital shifters who plan to maintain at least some of their changed behaviors.

52%: Portion of consumers who use a delivery aggregator.

$24.4B: Total sales that Lowe’s Companies reported for Q1.

22.9%: Target’s comparable-store sales growth in Q1.

Emerging Trends In Retail Earnings And Consumer Behavior …

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