April 14, 2021 at 04:00PM

GameStop has been on a wild ride for the last half of a year, with its stock price soaring amid speculation that it was either going out of business or headed to the moon. In retail payments, Gap Inc. and Synchrony Financial will part ways on their branded credit card partnership. And in insurance, consumers are becoming more willing to consider buying life insurance from sources other than employers and insurance brokers. All this, Today in Data.


2022: The year that Synchrony’s financing partnership expires with Gap Inc.

$483: 52-week high of GameStop Corp.’s stock as of Tuesday (April 13).

44%: Share of Generation Z consumers who purchased life insurance as part of their overall financial plans.

39%: Portion of bridge millennials who recently searched for life insurance options online.

$10B: Approximate market cap of GameStop Corp. as of Tuesday (April 13).

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