April 28, 2021 at 02:22AM

Emerald Holding has rolled out its new Digital Market tech platform, which will help create a new standardized single-platform B2B eCommerce approach, a press release said on Tuesday (April 27).

The service, as part of the company’s Elastic Suite division, will offer year-round access to product sourcing and ordering across a wide range of brands.

In addition, the new service will also provide a more “streamlined and collaborative” approach for buyer and supplier experiences for in-person events, including Outdoor Retailer and Surf Expo.

Hervé Sedky, Emerald’s President and Chief Executive Officer, stated in the release, “Our launch of Digital Market is a key step in our strategy to bring buyers and sellers together in a digital environment, year-round, and provide them with a platform where they can transact. This platform will greatly enhance the customer experience and value not only of our live shows but also year-round as we expand our digital offerings. We are excited to launch Digital Market to coincide with Outdoor Retailer and Surf Expo, which are set to stage this summer, so brands and retailers alike can experience the innovative and powerful benefits this platform delivers.”

“The need for a simplified and uniform wholesale purchasing interface between brands and their retail partners has been growing for years, and current market conditions have only accelerated that demand,” said Josh Reddin, Elastic Suite executive vice president. “Based upon our many years of experience and partnership with top brands, we developed Digital Market to serve as the leading single platform digital commerce solution for universal access.”

As B2B commerce goes online like every other type of commerce, there’s now a new market for digital strategies that works for both buyers and suppliers.

Danny Alex, CEO of Bravada, said there could be benefits for B2B wholesalers going into digital commerce on their own terms rather than using big eMarketplaces like Amazon. He said smaller firms could build up a customer base and retain loyalty through keeping ownership of the customer experience in wholesale.

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