May 04, 2021 at 04:00PM

Estée Lauder reported that “soft demand” for makeup and continued coronavirus outbreaks across the globe crimped its newest results, but it reported rises in online sales in the Americas and its European eCommerce business. In retail technology, the potential for unattended retail keeps expanding in today’s era of social distancing. And in digital banking, financial institutions (FIs) are harnessing advanced technology to bolster credit risk management. All this, Today in Data.


200%: Increase in the portion of FIs using artificial intelligence since 2018.

$105B: Estée Lauder’s approximate market cap as of the evening of May 3.

88%: Portion of FIs that say the pandemic has made lending and credit more challenging.

$46B: Projected value of the unattended retail market by 2027.

$3.8B: Estée Lauder’s fiscal Q3 sales for the three months ending March 31.

Digital Technology Boosts Retail, Banking Innovation …

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