April 23, 2021 at 09:33PM

If you recall the previous Provider Ranking of Digital Banking Apps, put it out of your mind.

Much has shifted in the month since we last checked on this category of apps.

For one thing, notice the preponderance of tied scores. It illuminates the fierce competition between apps and the challenger banks who field them, as consumers push on through the pandemic, trying to make better financial choices, starting with smartphone banking.

The Top 5

This can get complicated so hang in there. Tied this month at No. 1 are the Chime and Nubank apps — a rise of one spot for the latter —with Revolut also up one spot to No. 2.

The Monzo app gains two chart positions to come in at No. 3, while Starling Bank levitates three chart positions to score No. 4. Still at No. 5 is the Current banking app, closing out the Top 5.

The Top 10

Ursine app Dave waves at us from No. 6, while the Up app does just that, upping two spots to score No. 7 this time. The N26 app is seated comfortably again in the No. 8 chart position.

Now, about those other tied scores.

The Empower app jumps back into the Top 10 at No. 9, its scored tied with Tangerine which is also at No. 9 and also rises one spot from last month.

Tied scores packed 13 apps into this Top 10, so yes, we can count, but it’s not called the Top 13 for perfectly good reason. We’re superstitious. Anyway, ready to wrap the rankings?

Our final score finds one Top 10 alum and one newbie tied for No. 10. It’s the Mashreq Neo and Wirex apps, with neither by a nose as we conclude this digital banking horserace.

Digital Banking Apps All Tied Up In New Provider Ranking …

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