May 07, 2021 at 01:26PM

Since we launched PYMNTS Provider Ranking of Cryptocurrency Apps just a short while back, the crypto craze has only gotten more …crazed… yet somehow grounded at the same time.

As the tantalizing topic of spendable crypto grips the imaginations of everyone from Elon Musk to car buyers to people who just want to get their daily coffee with some flair, people are downloading apps and stocking up on crypto. Seems the sector has legs after all.

Is it a currency or an investment? Doesn’t matter to the provider rankings which, as can be plainly seen, are about as competitive as it gets in the world of financial apps.

The Top 5

This may get complicated. Take notes.

The three-way tie at the very top persists. Sharing the No. 1 spot this month are Binance and Coinbase staying put, along with popular

Last month we had a tie at No. 2, but this latest ranking finds just one of those apps still in that spot and it’s Voyager app. Still steady at No. 3 is Blockchain Wallet.

The KuCoin app rises one spot to snag No. 4 this month, while at No. 5 there’s a tie.

Kraken Pro drops three spots but stays firmly in the Top 5, tied there with the Gemini crypto portfolio app, down one but also sticking to the Top 5 like glue. And that’s our Top 5.

The Top 10

Not budging from No. 6 is CEX.IO Cryptocurrency Exchange, while our tie for No. 7 starts with the BlockFi app rising one spot, to be joined there with a newcomer to PYMNTS Provider Ranking of Cryptocurrency Apps, the Phemex app, new at No. 7.

Huobi is up one spot to land No. 8 this time out, as the Abra wallet app drops two chart positions to alight at No. 9 for this ranking.

Finishing this ranking — almost anchoring it one might say — is the popular Bitpay open-source crypto wallet, working hard to make crypto as spendable as cash, only smarter and safer.

Count ‘em — 14 apps packed into one Top 10. In a word: “value.”

And that’s wrap for this Provider Ranking of Cryptocurrency Apps.

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