April 27, 2021 at 12:42AM

Global product experience platform provider Contentserv will integrate with OroCommerce, which is a comprehensive enterprise-grade open source B2B eCommerce platform intended for midmarket and large commercial businesses, a press release said on Monday (April 26).

Contentserv has rolled out a new OroCommerce connector. This connector will let B2B merchants create frictionless, end-to-end processes for product content. They let them effectively deliver “unique and enticing” buyer experiences for all OroCommerce shops.

“As a proven leader among enterprise-grade PIM [product information management] solutions, partnering with Contentserv was a natural fit for us,” says Motti Danino, chief operating officer at Oro, Inc. “Both companies share a deep understanding of B2B merchants’ needs and pain points as well as the complexity of helping them transform into future-ready, agile and resilient enterprises. With this ready-made integration, B2B commerce companies can go to market with their digital channels even faster.”

The release notes the difference between selling to businesses and selling to consumers. Because of that difference, B2B enterprises have been looking for cost-saving and efficient measures to help appeal more to the B2B buyers. Because of that, it’s become essential to deliver product content that creates the necessary experiences for B2B buyers.

“As a leading eCommerce platform provider, Oro, Inc. has been part of our partner ecosystem for some time,” said Marcus Ruppert, vice president of Global Consulting and Product Innovation at Contentserv. “The newly released connector was the next logical step, enabling companies to quickly and easily connect OroCommerce as a best-in-class solution and provide high-quality, up-to-date product information instantly to their customers while providing an outstanding product experience.”

In February, Oro announced that its OroCommerce platform would become quicker and more efficient to use.

The improvements will include a boosted shopping list that will let B2B buyers compile, review and place large orders with more complicated configurations. With more streamlined ordering and checkout processes, back-office efficiency will be improved and manufacturers and distributors will gain more efficiency.

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