April 20, 2021 at 10:48PM

Comdata rolled out its Fintwist OnDemand real-time payment workflow, which is a part of the firm’s Fintwist online system, according to a Tuesday (April 20) announcement.

Fintwist provides a digital platform that simplifies payments for employers and offers staffers financial management tools in addition to instruction — all linked to a debit Fintwist Mastercard.

With the new service, Fintwist clients can now let staffers access earned wages before payday without modifications to current payroll workflows, according to the announcement.

The pandemic has heightened economic uncertainty and the personal stress of staffers. However, the Fintwist OnDemand offering can help workers avoid pulling from rainy day funds, tapping payday loans or using interest-bearing credit cards to handle household expenses, according to the announcement.

“Fintwist OnDemand enables our customers to provide their employees the financial flexibility needed, especially now, to cover expenses between paychecks, without the financial burdens of costly loans or advances,” Comdata Prepaid President Brian Radin said in the announcement.

The executive said that companies will require tools to compete for new staffers and keep staffers that they already employ that are essential to their recoveries “as we emerge from the employment crisis created by COVID-19.”

By bringing payroll workflows up to date, business leaders are afforded the chance to bolster staffer satisfaction, conserve time and cut back on paperwork — all at once, according to Radin.

“Fintwist OnDemand is a win-win; employers protect their businesses while genuinely supporting their employees’ needs,” Radin said in the announcement.

In separate news, Comdata recently debuted its novel Comdata Fleet Card, which was made for fleets that have fewer than 50 autos. The card is equipped with discounts, fuel savings and no card transaction fees for a monthly charge per active card.

Comdata Senior Vice President of Product and Innovation Justin King said in an announcement for the Fleet Card that the company was “thinking outside the box to keep America’s fleets moving forward and ensure that our fleet customers and their drivers have everything they need to focus on the road ahead.”

Comdata Debuts Fintwist OnDemand To Provide Earned Wage Access …

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