April 23, 2021 at 06:18PM

In this week’s news, we saw a comparison between Coinbase and Netscape, and new insights have emerged on restaurants and open banking. The Weekender is here to catch you up. 


Is Coinbase Netscape 2.0? Here Are Five Things You Must Believe

A Financial Times story published last week compared the Coinbase debut to the rollout of Netscape in 1994. If Coinbase is Netscape 2.0, PYMNTS explores the five things you must believe.

Bitcoin Sees Flash Crashes And Flashing Signals

In the digital currency space, we’ve moved from a flash crash to flashing warning signs. On Wall Street, broadly speaking, a “flash crash” occurs when the value of a holding — a stock, a bond, a commodity — loses ground with speed.

Stripe Launches Issuing Service In 20 European Countries

Stripe, the payment processing company, has rolled out its Stripe Issuing service in 20 nations in Europe. Stripe Issuing is available in Spain, Portugal, Italy and Ireland, among other countries.

Revenue Up But Coca-Cola Cautions On Stay-At-Home Recovery

Coca-Cola said early this week that March’s global unit case volume had returned to pre-pandemic levels, while net revenues were up 5 percent year over year to $9 billion. But James Quincey, the firm’s chairman and CEO, told analysts on a call that the recovery is “asynchronous.”

AirTags, Apple Card Update Dominate Apple’s ‘Spring Loaded’ Event

Apple hosted its digital “Spring Loaded” event and provided what industry professionals were anticipating such as a Apple TV with more features, a new screen for the iPad Pro, a revamp for the iMac and a few other things.

Trackers And Reports

How Mass Vaccinations Will Shape Consumers’ Restaurant Experiences

Over 56 million American consumers are fully inoculated against the coronavirus — and a number of them are eager to return to dining in restaurants once more. However, it is clear that people may never engage with restaurants as they once did.

Behavioral Analytics Helps Insurance Providers Fight Fraud And Friction

PYMNTS talked with Stothard Deal, vice president of Insurance Solutions at TransUnion, about how the firm implements behavioral analytics systems to look at customer behavior for finding fraud and checkout frictions.

BNP Paribas: Open Banking APIs Deliver An ‘Invisible’ Payment Experience

Individuals are only expecting quicker and more convenient payment experiences as their comfort with expedient, digital payment methods increases — meaning many may be beginning to look for payment methods beyond familiar card solutions.

PYMNTS explores how BNP Paribas is working to open support for account-to-account (A2A) payments for European merchants.

Fun, Cool And Otherwise Interesting

Help Wanted: Uber Posts Record March And Unprecedented Signing Bonus For Drivers

Uber plans to bring drivers back to the road with an aggressive investment game plan.

As ‘Try Now, Buy Later’ Return Rates Rise, So Do Sales And Profits

TryNow, the California-based upstart, is challenging industry norms and reshaping consumer behavior by letting customers try on their purchases at home to decide if they want to buy them prior to being charged.

SEC Reckons With Crypto’s Currency And Security Conundrum

In the digital currency sector, where public listings are gaining momentum, investors and speculators are clamoring for bitcoin and even “joke” tokens such as Dogecoin. Along the way, the old debate rages: Are the digital offerings securities? Currencies? A utility or an asset?

Banks Bet On Spending Swinging From Debit Back To Credit  

We may be poised to see a migration from debit spending back in the direction of credit. Earnings season is well under way, and the slew of first-quarter earnings from banks have provided indications that the pendulum may indeed swing.

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