April 26, 2021 at 03:06AM

Clubhouse will work with the National Football League (NFL) to put out an exclusive lineup of programming for the week of the 2021 NFL draft, a press release says.

This makes the NFL the first major sports league to partner with Clubhouse for official programming.

The partnership will “bring the global community of football fans, players, and league legends on Clubhouse closer than ever before,” according to the companies.

On Monday (April 26), the partnership will begin and the NFL will start hosting numerous rooms on Clubhouse throughout the week, in which people will be able to hear a pre-draft assessment of the players, a conversation with the The University of Alabama’s football team alumni, a fan mock Draft, Draft debriefs and other things.

Clubhouse is an interactive-based audio social media platform and will allow fans to drop in on NFL rooms and follow the picks for the Draft live as they’re announced, hear discussions on key NFL personalities including athletes, coaches and network personalities, and possibly even be invited “on stage” by moderators in the room to discuss the Draft or ask questions.

“The NFL’s commitment to innovation is matched only by their devotion to their fans, and we are proud to welcome the NFL to Clubhouse,” said Sean Brown, head of sports partnerships at Clubhouse. “The Draft is one of the biggest events of the year for football fans, and we know that millions of creators will be discussing, debating and celebrating throughout the week.”

Earlier in April Clubhouse debuted a payments feature allowing users to send and receive payments on the platform. The company said the idea was intended to monetize the site for users and help keep the focus on the creator.

Clubhouse also recently closed a Series C round without saying how much it had raised. However, a source said the new financing would put the company in the area of a $4 billion valuation.

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