April 07, 2021 at 08:26PM

Citi Treasury and Trade Solutions (TTS) has rolled out Citi Service Insights (CSI), which includes an integration with SWIFT gpi Case Resolution, according to an announcement emailed to PYMNTS.

In the announcement, Manish Kohli, global payments and receivables head at Citi, described CSI as a “digital, self-service tool that can be used as a dashboard for raising, managing and closing out inquiries.”

The new virtual offering gives customers a centralized view that allows them to control or close each of their service inquiries worldwide. Furthermore, it enables them to digitally open various types of inquiries. Moreover, customers have direct access to dynamic interbank query handling throughout the SWIFT network with the integration of gpi Case Resolution. These activities were previously handled with non-automated workflows, and have since been digitized to bolster transparency and speed up issue resolution.

“Early data on the effectiveness of Case Resolution has been very promising, showing that inquiries are resolved faster and more efficiently than equivalent non-Case Resolution inquiries. Over the next few months, this capability will be extended even further to allow clients to directly raise or update gpi Case Resolution queries through Citi Service Insights…” according to the announcement.

Since Citi Services Insights is “globally consistent,” customers can raise and monitor cases for their accounts regardless of where those accounts are held or which currencies they use. In addition, as the offering is “channel-agnostic,” every case with Citi will be seen, regardless of whether they were opened through phone, email or MT199. Citi has also created the ability for customers to virtually access service inquiry information via Citi Service Insights in the CitiDirect BE client-facing portal.

The news comes as Citi named Shahmir Khaliq as its new leader of TTS, as reported by PYMNTS in January.

TTS offers a connected collection of cash management and trade finance services to financial institutions, multinational companies and public sector organizations throughout the world.

Citi TTS Rolls Out Citi Service Insights With SWIFT gpi Integration …

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