April 22, 2021 at 11:05PM

Credit control automation platform and service provider Chaser has connected with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central through an integration. The link makes it simple and cost-effective for groups harnessing the Business Central system to digitize their accounts receivable (AR) and credit control workflows, according to a press release from Wednesday (April 21).

“In today’s economy, businesses are turning to cloud solutions like Chaser Credit Control and Debt Collections to quickly and seamlessly integrate with their current accounting packages like Dynamics 365 Business Central. They are relying on finding affordable add-ons to help extend the functionalities of their accounting systems or ERPs [enterprise resource planning software] to meet their specific business needs,” Chaser CEO Sonia Dorais said in the announcement.

Chaser for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central functionalities and advantages include an expedient and “easy-to-implement” integration between Dynamics 365 Business Central and Chaser. The product also offers digitized and tailored invoice payment chasing.

Moreover, the system provides digitized “thank you for paying” emails for clients that have already made payments. Additionally, “the bilateral sync reconciles payments in-app so that paid invoices are no longer chased,” per the release.

Chaser can now be accessed via Microsoft AppSource, according to the release.

As previously reported, companies that still depend on nonautomated accounts receivable (AR) workflows hinder their collection processes. This is particularly the case for companies in the healthcare and construction verticals, which are more dependent on nonautomated collection methods that bring about lengthier collection cycles.

Construction companies take an average of 22 days to follow up on late payments, while healthcare firms take an average of 25.3 days to do so. Industries that have been more progressive about adopting automated technology, however, enjoy the advantages of smoother collections workflows.

In one case, technology companies take 19 days to follow up on collections, while energy companies take 12 days and advertising companies take just 11 days.

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