April 29, 2021 at 12:20PM

Camping World has rolled out details on its new peer-to-peer RV Rental service, a press release says.

Camping World RV Rentals will be an expansion of the company’s “commitment to invest in technology within the RV and outdoor industry with the goal to make RVing more accessible for consumers.”

The program will connect owners and renters with the intent of maximizing the owner’s return on investment, with the renter now allowed to pay less money for the experience “first-hand,” the release notes.

The platform will come with both towable and motorized RVs.

Camping World RV Rentals will be open for listings on May 14, according to the release. And customers will be able to browse the rentals and register for alerts when bookings become available.

The company is looking to have bookings open for customers in a soft launch by early July, while the full nationwide launch is planned for fall 2021.

In addition, sister company Good Sam is looking to provide products and services including rental protection, 24/7 roadside support, and membership savings on booking and service fees, the release says.

Camping World recently signed a deal to go forward with a new Maine location, with the deal intending to purchase Lee’s Family Trailer in Windham, Maine to do so.

That deal is intended to be the first of two separate firms Camping World intends to open in Maine.

The Maine facility plans to transition to the Camping World brand, and the SuperCenter intends to provide a number of new services like new and pre-owned recreational vehicles.

In addition, the company also made other news announcements in attempts to make it easier for customers to pay and shop for purchases. One of them will add a new eCommerce function with the acquisition of campground reservation and management system Nomad Reservations, while the other update was that the company would be accepting cryptocurrency as payment.

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