April 12, 2021 at 12:16AM

Apex HCM will be integrating with small business accounting platform Xero along with national accounting firm Carr, Riggs, and Ingram CPAs and Advisors (CRI), according to a press release.

The partnership will work to provide payroll service bureaus an enhanced general ledger (GL) integration experience and capabilities for accounting firms nationwide, the release stated.

“Payroll and accounting services just go better together,” said Apex HCM CEO Robert Digby in the release. “We have seen from prospects and clients alike that high growth-minded accounting firms are providing payroll services in house, leveraging the trusted adviser relationship, and capturing all revenues in house versus outsourcing payroll and revenues. Apex is excited to collaborate with Xero on this growth initiative.”

With the combining of Xero and Apex HCM’s cloud platforms, clients like CRI will be able to deliver both value and a seamless experience, according to the release.

Apex, which began as a payroll company, has seen its scope expand as market needs have evolved. The company has rolled out products and services for time and labor management, applicant tracking, onboarding, learning management, employee self service, Affordable Care Act (ACA) employer reporting and more, the release stated.

In separate news, Pilot.com CEO Waseem Daher told PYMNTS that small business bookkeeping is dependent on data, with the process needing significant manual data entry and number crunching, which makes it ripe for digital innovation.

“No business owner has ever said, ‘I can’t wait to buy more accounting software,’’” said Daher. “The business owner says, ‘I just want someone to take care of it for me so I can get back to running my business.’”

Daher said Pilot.com helps companies capture research and development credits, connect with financial experts and work with “bookkeeping adjacent” features, including accounts payable (AP) and accounts receivable (AR).

Compiling various features into one program can help cut down on friction because it eliminates the need for different platforms.

Apex HCM Joins With Xero To Boost Corporate Payroll …

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