April 22, 2021 at 11:33PM

Airbase, a spend management platform focused on small to medium-sized businesses (SMBs), said it now supports international bill payments to more than 200 nations and 145 currencies, according to a Thursday (April 22) announcement emailed to PYMNTS.

Airbase said that businesses need to make payments to suppliers throughout the globe as they expand internationally. The company is “the first and only spend management solution in its class” to provide users with “full international accounts payable [AP] functionality,” according to the announcement.

“We believe all AP should be handled from one place, no matter the payment vehicle,” Airbase Founder and CEO Thejo Kote said in the announcement. “We’ve got this ever-growing customer base, and we’re constantly asking them what they need so they can consolidate their AP. We’re delighted to announce our international payments footprint to support our customers who wish to go global.”

The bill payments offering inside of the Airbase spend management system provides the choice to make payments to foreign suppliers in U.S. dollars or local currency from inside of the same platform and “with two simple clicks,” according to the announcement.

Airbase said in the announcement that it is the only spend management platform to provide international payment support, as well as support for other payment methods such as checks, corporate cards, automated clearing house (ACH), U.S. dollar payments to non-U.S. entities and foreign currency-denominated wires.

Other bill payment features provided to Airbase users include auto-categorization, approval processes, amortizations, scheduling of payments and automatic syncing to the general ledger.

The news comes as Airbase added an employee expense reimbursement tool.

Airbase previously noted that the expense reimbursement offering handles out-of-pocket expenses and takes away the need for burdensome expense reports by offering a “rule-based system” that directs allowed expenses to those that approve them.

Payment is automatically made to the bank account of staffers after documentation and information conditions are satisfied. The approval workflows automate even the most intricate company policy, according to a March announcement for the expense reimbursement tool.

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