April 08, 2021 at 11:40PM

Identity verification provider Acuant has partnered with Microsoft to support secure information exchange and identity verification on the Azure Active Directory (Azure AD), Acuant announced in a press release on Tuesday (April 6).

Azure AD verifiable credentials, now in public preview, give businesses and individuals more control of their personal data when verifying their identities during onboarding processes and when accessing apps.

“We know the world is going digital-fast, and we need technology that can establish trust wherever consumers want to transact,” said Yossi Zekri, president and CEO of Acuant, in the press release.

The partnership integrates Acuant’s My Digital ID into the Microsoft Authenticator App, as well as other wallet apps with open standards. This allows users to verify biometrics, identity documents and other identification data once, creating a My Digital ID that can be used to verify their identity anywhere, limiting and controlling the personal data they share.

“Acuant’s real-time multifactor authentication credential facilitates frictionless onboarding, helps eliminate security concerns and protects the personal data and privacy of users, all in one digital wallet,” the press release said.

My Digital ID in Azure AD allows for rapid, remote onboarding on a “universal” platform that verifies digital identity, eligibility and employment. During enrollment, users can also activate passwordless authentication with secure identity verification.

“Verifiable credentials will revolutionize the way we grant access to information. Organizations will be able to verify identity information quickly with solutions like Acuant’s My Digital ID, while individuals will be able to own and control their credentials,” said Susan Bohn, partner director of Program Management at Microsoft’s Identity Division.

The rapid onset digital shift has called for improved identity security. Digital identity verification is increasingly the answer to fighting fraud as well as providing convenience to people’s omnichannel lives.

“You don’t have to compromise on your identity platform if you don’t have a massive IT department and a big budget,” Kevin Courtney, vice president of Product at Acuant, recently told PYMNTS.

Identity verification platforms Jumio and AU10TIX also recently announced similar partnerships to work with Microsoft Azure AD on the verification credentials program.

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