May 10, 2021 at 02:00AM

Aareal Bank Group will now offer the option to pay via PayPal in the Aareal Exchange & Payment Platform (AEPP) solution, which was rolled out last year, according to a press release. That comes in addition to the services that are already integrated by the provider.

AEPP, as a B2B platform solution, can serve as a link between ERP systems and numerous payment providers, and can prove to be a key component for managing payment transactions and other such services.

The platform works to offer options to housing and property industry companies, enabling them to tap into new sources of income through intermediating services. According to the release, the new PayPal integration allows users to be forwarded to the PayPal page if they click the corresponding button, where they can then choose a way to pay.

Lars Ernst, managing director at Aareal Bank AG, explained the significance of the solution for the strategic expansion of business models in a digital world: “The Aareal Exchange & Payment Platform is an important basis for companies entering the platform economy where simple interactions are key to success. The AEPP enables companies from all sectors to digitalize and centrally integrate services and payment processes into their own ERP systems, thus realizing material efficiency gains.” Ernst also noted that today’s digital customers “expect secure digital payment transactions in just a few clicks.”

“In light of the increasing number of payment providers, it is thus becoming more and more important for companies from all sectors to have fully automated payment transactions, integrating them into the existing process landscape as efficiently as possible,” he added. “This is where our platform solution comes into play.”

PayPal has also announced plans for a “super app” to be rolled out in Q3 this year. That will include a digital wallet that the company has said will be an “all-in-one, personalized” app to allow customization of shopping, financial services and payments.

Aareal Bank Group Adds PayPal Option For B2B Payments …

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